September Favorites

Sept FavesBER-MONTH! Christmas is coming! We’re so excited to relive traditions and create new ones in our new home – Makati. And speaking of traditions, while we’re settling in, we’re starting a royal custom of sharing our best-loved thingies monthly.

So, without further ado, here’s for September!


100-verses-web-400x400“100 Bible Verse Everyone Should Know by Heart by Robert J. Morgan is da bomb!” –King.  




Hidden Figures is a 2016 drama film, based on a non-fiction book, about black female mathematicians who worked for NASA during the space race. I’m not into drama, but this one’s close to my heart. Not because I want Prince to work for NASA or JPL someday (lol) but simply because it showed what it’s like to be at the right place, at the right time. No matter how hard or huge the challenges and condemnations are, if you know your calling and purpose, you will fight for it.



I haven’t been exercising for (ugh) years. But this app, 8fit, made it easire for me to revert back. Nica




Sponge Crunch by Oishi is Prince’s fave “baon“. “I like it because it’s from Oishi, and it’s Oishi!”-Prince (Aba, pwedeng maging endorse)




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