Royal Party: Daniel Prince’s 5-Star Promotion + Free Printables

“I don’t know but I’ve been told, Prince is turning 5 years old.” So, we gathered up the troop to celebrate, through an epic Soldier Nerf War Games. Oh, and this Commanding Queen Mommy attached Free Party Printables too. You’re Welcome!


We can truly say that this party is “his” party and one of his core memories. Prince had so much participation; he told us who to invite, chose the theme, picked his gift wishlist, and suggested party details from the decors to the games. I scratched my head though when he said he wanted sand bags and night vision goggles for everyone. And I missed putting the bananas in the loot, because apparently Soldiers love bananas according to him.



He calls this invitation “Top Secret”.  He would remind us to give so-and-so the Top Secret. It was fun seeing him on Top of the distribution.

We registered him at Toy Kingdom, the (truly) Amazing Toy Store. The gift registry came with 10% off vouchers which I attached in the invitation.




I tried scouting party supplies here in Manila but failed to find Army themed decors. So instead, we made use of my Dad’s military items (thumbs up for authenticity), Airsoft Guns, Nerf Guns, silver utensils, brown bags and carton boxes; and just opted to print soldier forms and tags.

Food: CCME Home Made Food Stuff

Venue: Siena Park Residences Bicutan

Tables and Chairs: JohnIvy Party Needs 




To close the party, we had an Awarding Ceremony. Each team was given prizes for joining and winning the War Games. We also had a shooting range, where each kid was given an opportunity to shoot and take home a prize and a loot bag.




The highlight for me is the Honoring Ceremony. King and I thought of honoring Prince for being brave this year. He braved preschool and his first stage play, and was even patient all throughout our transition to our new home. We asked two of his Ninongs (Godfathers) to pray for him, and I asked my dad (Legit Army SF Colonel and Gold Cross Medal Awardee) to pin his Gold Cross Medal.



One of the guests approached me and told me this. Seeing Prince and each kid had fun that day is truly fulfilling. This party is sure one for the books. In fact, he had too much fun, he’s now planning his Ninjago party 😛

As promised, you can download the editable party printables below. Please do tag us if you’re able to use them. #ReyesSerye

ReyesSerye – Printables – Top Secret Invitation
ReyesSerye – Printables – Soldier Classified Stickers
ReyesSerye – Printables – Soldier Registration Signage
ReyesSerye – Printables – Soldier Registration Form
ReyesSerye – Printables – Soldier Banner
ReyesSerye – Printables – Soldier Menu
ReyesSerye – Printables – Soldier Giveaway Stickers

Enjoy Planning,

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